Why I’m Wearing Cristalle Today

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There is a succinctness to Cristalle that appeals to me. It makes me think about syntax and tense in language. The past is perfect, the present is subjunctive and the future is conditional.

My relationship to time has everything to do with the language I speak, English, which favors an analytical/logical view of dividing time. Preterite, pluperfect, present, conditional, anterior, progressive, future… Imperfect tenses allow the past to bleed into the present and the conditional tenses foster imagination.

This systematic approach to expressing time has lost ground to a growing use of the present tense exclusively (Omnipresent English ©). Some will bemoan a loss of precision and comprehension while others will say that Omnipresent English is a reflection of the simultaneity of our contemporary experience. We tend to understand the two sides of the argument as strictly generational with the digital natives on one side and all other generations on the other. Still, the two sides of the debate allow you to choose what suits your personality if not your cohort. To me, the pertinent question is, would you rather be heard all the time or simply understood when you have something to say? I’ve read a lot about introverts lately and find myself at the far end of the spectrum of introversion. An open connection to social media is my notion of purgatory.

Which takes me back to Cristalle, my reminder of the value of self-possession. Cristalle is the thundering simplicity of a perfectly conceived and executed idea. I turn to it when the extroverted world crosses the threshold from wanting attention to being willing to do anything to be seen receiving it. It is an antidote to the long, ringing, grasping dress rehearsal for the 15 minutes of fame that I would never want.

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