What interests you in perfume?

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(Image, l’Osmothèque)

I’m working on a thee-part piece that asks: 1) Why Vintage?  2) Why ‘niche’?  3) Why mainstream?

I’ve realized looking at my perfume collection that, with the exceptions of a few particular categories that I’m drawn to, I have a fairly eclectic selection of perfumes. Do you? Or do you have 10 fruity-florals for each chypre? Or 80% fougères?

How do we compile our collections and what do we hope to get from each genre/category/era of perfume that we have? Also, whom do you read? Whose expertise do you seek?

I’ll write each part and post it before I start on the next. I don’t want to have an arc in mind or a set of conclusions before I start.

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