Tom Ford Urban Musk, 2009

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(image, Urban Cowboy)

Perfumer not cited by Tom Ford

What is an urban musk? And, importantly for the Ford-fashionable, who prioritize urban above all else, what would a rural musk or a suburban musk smell like. Respectively, cow shit and hell?

Urban musk smells to me like Kiehl’s Musk Number One that has been watered down both in fact and in concept. It smells like a bland, slightly berry-like musk that has been accented with a drop of an animalic musk then diluted by a non-descript sweet floral.

When the Ford Privée line offers a deliberately simple product, such as Azure Lime, or a new spin on a familiar piece, such as Lavender Palm’s take on lavender, I’ll cut them some slack. When their product is a shoddy take on a simple product available at 1/10 the cost, I say fuck ’em. Don’t buy it.


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