Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, 2007

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(image, The cowboys of Tuscany)

Perfumers Harry Frémont and Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud

Synopsis:  Dry, tobacco/booze leather. Herbal, smokey, unsweetened. Grows softer and sweeter in drydown.

Only a synopsis because after trying Tuscan Leather and drawing my own conclusions, I took a look to see what others had written about it. Had I simply reviewed Tuscan Leather before reading what other perfume writers had written I’d have looked like a plagiarist.

The writing on this perfume is surprisingly univocal, as if we all experience Tuscan Leather similarly. It’s an interesting concept to consider what can be expressed to multiple wearers by an olfactory work, but it also reinforces a feeling of simplicity that it has seems out of place in a leather fragrance. The heft of the perfume makes me feel like there should be a greater complexity to it. Small point, I know. That and the soft, sweet deception of the drydown would make me reach for Yatagan if I wanted a dry, leathery herbal wood or Knize Ten if I wanted a rich ambery leather. And I could buy two bottles of each for the price of a 50 ml bottle of Tuscan Leather.


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