Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, 2007

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Perfumer Olivier Gillotin

Has the oriental genre been reinvented time after time or is it simply a rich enough category that it continues to produce fresh ideas? Oriental perfumes can be made with patchouli, labdanum, benzoin, vanilla, sandalwood, oud, myrrh. They can be boozy, heady, resinous, sultry, extravagant. Tobacco Vanille attempts to follow this great tradition, by being huge, rich, sweet and testing the range of the genre with a fruity tobacco. The question is, does it succeed?

I dislike this perfume quite a bit and find it hard to answer the questions reasonably. I know how popular Tobacco Vanille is, so it can survive my negativity. I’ll just admit my bias and quote the notes I took when I first tried it since they still fit.

“Stewed prunes with sweet and low, vanilla and rum. Background of fresh, cheap flavored pipe tobacco and notes of a clove-heavy, gift store ‘holiday’ candle intended to evoke mulled something or other. Heavy and cloying. Revolting.”


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