Tom Ford Noir de Noir, 2007

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(image, Lauren Bacall)

Perfumers Harry Frémont and Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud

While this isn’t an ‘oud-in-the-title’ perfume, it rides the oud wave.

Categorically, it’s more what used to be called a rose ‘oriental’. It strains syrup, booze, and flowers throught the sieve of patchouli and amber. The oud note up top is a distraction and might give an expectation that the rest of the perfume doesn’t meet. After the oud, there’s a feeling of unravelling and you’re left with a non-committal amber perfume with a buttery cherry-tobacco aspect. In its favor it’s neither cloying nor choking in the way that amber scents can be, but an absence of negatives doesn’t equal positive.


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