Tom Ford Lavender Palm, 2011

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I love black coffee, but I’d rather not drink coffee at all than to drink it with sugar.

Lavender Palm is the sweetened coffee of lavender to my nose. It’s a creamy, sweet lavender, nothing like the resinous, woody, incense lavender of my favorite lavender, Parfums de Nicolai pour Homme. But as with coffee, who the fuck cares what I think?

Lavender Palm is distinct, coherent and inventive. The shape of the perfume holds green herbal facets, sweet creaminess, and the nutty-woody notes without becoming unbalanced or falling to pieces. The composition holds the lavender in the center, but keeps it from overpowering the other notes, something a sharp lavender often does.

If you can get past paying hundreds of dollars for a lavender fragrance, Lavender Palm is one of the better options.


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