Thierry Mugler Womanity, 2010

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Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin

Nice start: sugared citrus. Nothing new, a sort of candied grapefruit (Caviar? Spare me.) After the brief opening, Womanity cycles through a vague floral mid-top note to a sweet but thin oriental, and eventually acquires its only element of interest: a woody, milky fig leaf. Cute metaphor–the fig leaf and its reference to concealing one’s private parts. Envision the shape of the leaf and imagine the junk it’s best shaped to hide. (Hint: not womanity’s.) This fig leaf folds nicely into the oriental heart, but soon fades and Womanity hits the wall. It stops at flat, sweet woody tone and goes no further. Futuristic? Otherworldy? No.

There is a strong sense of entropy and dissolution to the Mugler line:

Angel (avenging angel)

• Innocent (happy angel)

Angel Garden of Stars (flood of flankers)

Alien (shrill, but conceptually a ‘pretty’ floral)

Les Parfums [insert random word] (might be something interesting in here, but who’s going to dig through 13 flankers?)

Les Miroirs  (see above, change 13 to 5)

• Womanity (the fragrance aimed at the woman who was the girl who wore fruity-floral/cotton candy perfumes 10 years ago)

What’s next, Angel Adolescent in another overly-styled bottle simply filled with sugar-water?

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