Thierry Mugler Angel Liqueur de Parfum, 2009

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(image, Jerry Berndt)

Perfumer not cited.

I generally find the Mugler annual variations on a theme somewhere between a stab in the dark and a Hail Mary pass. Every now and then, though, the monkey will type something other than gibberish.

Angel Liqueur de Parfum finds just the set of notes that modulates Angel’s tone of voice without altering what it has to say. Clearly boozier, it’s also more grounded and harmonic than the original Angel. The range between the higher, bright/loud notes and the dirt from the patchouli has a bit more padding to it. It’s still on high volume, but it’s modulated differently and makes you wince a bit less on first spray.

Angel’s thrill comes from its energized contrasts. Angel Liqueur de Parfum keeps all the contrasts in place, but loosens the binding on the corset a bit. The mania is gone, but the exuberance is still there. Where Angel feels like it’s perpetually on tiptoe and at peak inhalation, Angel Liqueur de Parfum exhales and stands at ease.

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