Thierry Mugler Angel la Rose (Jardin Series), 2006

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Perfumer Olivier Cresp

I haven’t tried the other Angel Jardin fragrances, but this seemed like the logical one of the group. In the original Angel, the screaming white floral is deflected by the patchouli, creating the discord that makes Angel such a blast. Substituting rose for the mixed white floral should make for a perfume that is loud and expansive, just not as jarring as Angel. Rose has a natural ‘in’ to patchouli. The tart wine like and peppery rose elements join easily with the earthy patchouli notes.

Others have said that the drydowns of all the Jardins are the same—more or less that of Angel. La Rose’s candied flower isn’t completely overtaken by the ‘Angel’ hangover of a drydown. It has Angels’s ridiculousness but not its sense of mania and jeopardy.

I dog many of the Angel imitators for not understanding that the inherent conflict is what makes Angel a brilliant perfume. They tend to copy the surface and miss the point by miles. The ride La Rose takes you on is loud and fabulous like Angel’s, but not as risky, and therefore should not work. But it does. It’s a smart spin on Angel, and not simply a copy of patchouli/candy/flowers without intention, my complaint against the Angel imitators.


(Image Marvel Angel, source unknown)


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