Tauer Perfumes Incense Rosé, 2008

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(Image source 美图欣赏 | Gil Elvgren)

Perfumer Andy Tauer

Incense Rosé reminds me of Jean Guichard’s Loulou for Cacharel. They smell nothing alike, really, but they’re both fireworks-style floral orientals—expansive, bubbly, heady and very easy to enjoy. Incense Rosé isn’t hard to like, but its ease is not a fault. It’s a sparkly, raspy blend of rose and spice in a resinous incense/amber base. Like Loulou, Incense Rosé is composed with splashy, broad strokes. The topnotes laugh, the heartnotes smile and the base notes purr. A lot of perfumes make me smile or feel happy. Incense Rosé makes me feel spontaneous and exuberant.

I found Incense Rosé after I got to know Tauer’s Lonestar Memories and l’Air du Désert Marocain.  Lonestar is stolid and Désert Marocain is contemplative. Incense Rosé caught me off guard when it came flying out of the bottle. Even though I now know what to expect, it still surprises me when I put it on and I’ve grown to love the anticipation as I approach the bottle.


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