Tauer Perfumes Carillon pour un Ange, 2010

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carilloan pour un ange-loretta lux

Image lifted from Loretta Lux.

Perfumer Andy Tauer

Carillon pour un Ange hits like an olfactory epiphany. It is captivating, ravishing. I can’t stop taking long, slow inspirations of it.

The muguet (earthy, oily, creamy, strangely autumnal) is so distinct from the light, pretty lilies of the valley I’ve smelled before. Muguet is the lead-in to the leather, the fresh, piercing green, and the vaguely composted forest brown. It doesn’t smell like any particular thing–it doesn’t really smell like lily of the valley–but it is totally of a piece and smells like a complete, coherent artistic statement. Carillon’s impact is in its tone, not the breakdown of its notes. It reads like musical tones, with a combination of high-pitched harmony and bass chords that obviate the need for a middle range. The high and the low pitches create a particular, perfect balance and the musical name Carillon fits perfectly.

Artists’s blurbs for press releases, like after-show discussion with directors/choreographers/composers make me want to bolt for the exit. Show me your work, don’t try to talk me into it. Refreshingly different, Andy Tauer’s humble statements to the effect of, ‘This my tribute to the lily of the valley. I hope you’ll dig it.’ (my paraphrase) makes me appreciate his work all the more.

Artistically significant and breath-takingly beautiful. From my experience of the arts, not a common enough occurrence.

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