Sonia Rykiel Belle en Rykiel, 2006

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(image source Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour)

Perfumer Jean-Pierre Béthouart

A proposition: Belle de Rykiel is a contemporary spin on Jicky.

Many perfumes are built on lavender and vanilla yet bear no resemblance to Guerlain Jicky. Jicky backs up its lavender/vanilla food elements with civet and a hint of coumarin, taking it a half step out of the realm of dessert and into both the fougère and ‘oriental’ genres Belle de Rykiel adds a woody-coffee note but side-steps the gourmand trap, keeping the lavendar/vanilla accord the focus from top to bottom. It has a glowing-woody quality that indicates both contemporary aromachemicals and a more contemporary style than Jicky, but the connection is there.


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