Sisley Eau du Soir, 1990

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Perfumer Jeannine Mongin

One of the shinier green chypres. Heavier on the bergamot part of the chypre equation than the moss, Eau du Soir simply dazzles in the top notes. It stays true to its first impression, though, and remains brilliant through the heartnotes. By this point, most green chypres are either heading toward leather or a dusky sort of glow. Eau du Soir manages to shine yet keep its complexity. There’s a dry floral quality that smells a bit like gin. It’s searing and sharp.  Here is where Eau du Soir balances the green chypre family resemblance and its own distinctiveness.

I’ve read that people find this somewhere in the powerful-to-overpowering range in terms of both broadcast and tenacity. Maybe so, but this is one of those potent fragrances that begs to be worn brashly.

Hideous bottle, but don’t let that stop you.

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