Sinfonia di Note Fleur de Santal

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Perfumer and release date unknown.

Fleur de Santal tries to recreate the scent of sandlewood oil. I appreciate the attempt to give a breather to this overharvested beauty, but good intentions don’t necessarily lead to success.

I suspect a number of components were used to make this formula, each one ideally lending a specific quality to recreate the penetrating lushness of sandlewood. I could be entirely wrong on the actual ingredients, but here’s how it seems to me. Cedar for the feel of moist wood. Lactone or musk for a milky quality and rounded sweetness. Benzoin or vanilla to flesh it out and give some boozy voluptuousness.  (Patchouli?)

Unfortunately Fleur de Santal catches the wrong angles of the materials and the focus gets lost. Overall, Fleur de Santal leans too heavily on the gentle creaminess and comes off as simply sweet rather than rich.


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