Robert Piguet Visa, 2007

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Perfumer Aurélien Guichard

Visa puts a slightly different touch on the fruity perfume. It’s a stewed stone fruit mix. Plummy/peachy/apricot-like. It’s also got a taste of indeterminate spice along the clove/cardammom/nutmeg axis. Spices that would go well with stone fruit, incidentally. It’s not bright by a long shot, but neither is it heavy or impenetrable. Though dark and concentrated, it remains notably fruity; not boozy, not syrupy, not leathery to my nose (despite many reviews I’ve read), and not ‘radiant’ in the nose-torturing manner of some fruity-woody combinations.

The drydown loses some of the wattage of the fruit at the start, but comes to have a low-volume nectar-sweetness similar in olfactory hue to the woody/aromatic scent a piece of unfinished rosewood has.

If you’re looking for a fruity perfume that doesn’t convey ditziness or guilelessness, try Visa.


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