Robert Piguet Calypso, 2010 (reformulation)

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Perfumer Aurélien Guichard (based on the 1950 formula, perfumer unknown)

Calypso has its finger in quite a few pies. The aquatic note makes you think you’re going down one road, but the floral quality says otherwise. Then there’s the salty, smoky quality and a smooth suede notes. Oh, don’t forget the powder.

Calypso is awkward and I can’t quite tell if it works.

The fragrance it most reminds me of is Gorilla Perfumes Breath of God, although I also catch a whiff of Parfumerie Générale Psychotrope’s Jolly-Rancher-on-acid note. Calypso is arguably more worked out than Breath of God, but it’s also less interesting. The disparate notes don’t read as a complex formula. They’re awkward and make you think that the perfumer might have been indecisive about composing Calypso. It leaves me with the suspicion of an dodged question, as if the perfume is resolved but I’m not quite.

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