Parfums de Nicolai Vie de Chateau Intense, 2008

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Perfumer Patricia de Nicolai

The affectations of country life are always being rewritten. Keeping up can be distressing even for the exceedingly aspirational. Patricia de Nicolai lends some ammunition with Vie de Chateau.

Vie de Chateau Intense tucks neatly into the citrus chypre genre, with connections to Roudnitska’s Diorella, Eau Sauvage and Moustache as well as its own sibling Weekend a Deauville. It has that fresh sophistication that citrus chypres tend to have.

Vie de Chateau’s smart twist, though, is that it has a strong note of hay that ties it directly to the fougère and indirectly to leather chypres. The hay note is a bit nut-like at first, but eventually pulls Vie de Chateau toward a dry dark, base that is the perfect conclusion to the crisp yet disenchanted spirit of the best citrus chypres.


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