Parfums de Nicolai Vetyver

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(image, Bel Ami)

Perfumer Patricia de Nicolai, release date unknown

More of a woody citrus than a classic vetiver, de Nicolai’s Vetyver is a refreshing and lovely scent that lands miles from the classic heavy, musty, masculine vetiver perfume. The vetiver shows itself with a slightly iodine, salty note that makes the citrus seem preserved. I wear it the way an eau de cologne is intended to be worn.  It’s fleeting, as if to say men will only accept true prettiness for a short spell. But I know that Patricia de Nicolai has more respect for the male perfume wearer than that. Witness de Nicolai pour Homme, New York, Baladin.

It becomes a faded, passing scent quickly. Accept this and you’ll find that Vetyver is quite special. If you’re looking for delicacy without frailty, you’ve found it.

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