Parfums de Nicolai Patchouli Homme (aka Patchouli Intense), 2009

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(image The Green Hornet)

Perfumer Patricia de Nicolai

I’ve read in the press and can even smell in the fragrance that Patchouli Homme has notes of patchouli, rose, geranium. But for all the world, PH smells to me like getting hit in the nose. It you’ve ever been punched or smacked your nose, you might have experienced a similar smell/feeling that is like nothing else I’ve ever smelled. It feels crunchy, smells a little celery-salty, and I imagine it results from trauma to olfactory receptors and not really from aroma. But given the nature of the nose, it is experienced as scent.

Patchouli Homme is this smack-in-the-nose scent and rose. I’m really working on this one and trying to find my way to it, since I trust Patricia de Nicolai’s nose more than my own and just love her work in general. But I’m not there yet.


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