Parfums de Nicolai Odalisque, 1989.

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odalisquPerfume Patricia de Nicolai.

Chypre? Floral? You got me. All I know is this is one of those fragrances that makes me sniff it as though I was drawing on a cigarette, or taking a big sip of water. I can’t get quite enough. I can hardly exhale in time to get more. It’s fundamentally sexy.

Odalisque was the first of Patricia de Nicolai’s perfumes I tried, and I’ve been a fan from the first sniff. It smells like polarities, energized contrasts.

Odalsique doesn’t juxtapose scents or components. It isn’t built from details outward. The specifics fall into place after the broad brushstrokes. The scope is elemental. Sky, water, earth. Wearing Odalisque gives a keen sense of moment. Not grandiosity, but significance. Perfumes can have specific connotations to us, and it’s the nature of the form that we can’t rightly expect others to share these meanings, but to me, Odalisque is important.

Over time, though, the sense of contemplation fades and Odalisque has an hypnotic, almost narcotic quality. It’s the scent equivalent of eating lotus flowers. Soon I want to lay in and enjoy the lazy pleasures of life.

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