Parfums de Nicolai Maharanih Intense, 2008

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Perfumer Patricia de Nicolai

The basic sketch of this perfume (orange, lavender and amber) could be steered in a number of directions. Those elements would suggest harmony to me. But then again I’m not Patricia de Nicolai. Maharanih is all about angles and contrasts. It’s loud and actually rather rough. The contrasts are not so much intriguing as unresolved. The notes struggle against one another and never enhance each other. Was the non-intense Maharanih like this?

The ongoing conflict means there’s not a lot of development over the course of Maharanih. It’s loud and constant. Unfortunately, this gives Maharanih more the feel of a parfum d’ambiance than something you’d want to wear.

I find there’s something similar both in tone and in composition between Maharanih and de Nicolai’s Patchouli Homme. Their effect is that they sit on you, not that you wear them. I’ve never quite been able to wear them comfortably, though I’ve worn each a good number of times.

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