Parfums de Nicoali le Temps d’une Fête, 2006

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le temps d'une fete

Perfumer Patricia de Nicolai

It seems that we all agree on the notes in le Temps d’une Fête, but we characterize the fragrance differently. Galbanum, hyacinth, narcissus, incense. I don’t get dark, animalic or mossy feel that others describe. The florals are utterly spring-crisp, fresh and dewy. The water-like green florals combine with an equally green resinous aspect (galbanum, mastic) to give le Temps d’une Fête its cool snap and smartness. All the bits come together to give the feel of spring: moist, sappy new growth wood; young grass; newly sprouted bulb flowers.

I understand the comparison often made between le Temps d’une Fête and Guerlain Chamade. They share a number of notes. But in tone, they feel nowhere near each other. Chamade’s languid, oily green/yellow October is miles from the April of Le Temps D’une Fête’s new growth. Compared to le Temps d’une Fête’s just-sprouted-this-morning freshness, Chamade doesn’t feel so much ripe as aged.

The Guerlain I’d compare le Temps d’une Fête to is Habit Rouge. The compositional similarities that the two share are more significant than the common ‘green’ thread that le Temps d’une Fete and Chamade share. In both fragrances, opopanax and florals combine to strike a similar chord. They share a high pitched harmonious range, but one with great richness. Opopanax together with either orange blossom (Habit Rouge) or narcissus (le Temps d’une Fête) gives both fragrances that gorgeous 9/10ths harmony – 1/10th dissonance that keeps me listening closely.


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