Parfumerie Générale Iris Oriental, 2006

(image Edith Lebeau, Who’s Been Eating My Porridge?)

Perfumer Pierre Guillaume

Two thoughts:

  1. Even though I say that I don’t like gourmand fragrances, some of my favorite classics and contemporaries have at least some edible component, if only an aromatic fruity appeal or an herbal touch. Shalimar, Ambre Sultan, Mitsouko, Tocade, Baghari, Missoni.
  2. I know a brilliant ICU RN who captures the core of critical care nursing saying, “Gradients are life.” Understanding gradients is crucial to understand hemodynamics, the basis of keeping most ICU patients alive.

With these two thoughts in mind, Iris Oriental. As odd as this might sound, Iris Oriental is like a floral porridge. An apple-smelling, chamomile-like iris note against a dense almost resinous grain scent is the gradient that allows for the striking life of this perfume. Just enough of an otherwise dull breakfast obligation becomes the breath between the fruity, floral and root-like tendencies of the iris that makes this quiet but intriguing concoction to soar.

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