digging (into) vintage: Paloma Picasso mon Parfum, 1984

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Perfumer Francis Bocris

Has anybody else ever found Paloma similar to Caron Troisième Homme? In each case, they match jasmine to a dark accord that cries out for some lightness. In Troisième Homme’s case, the jasmine intertwines with lavender against a dark, smoky background. In Paloma, the green jasmine illuminates the moss and patchouli from within. The chypre and the fougère accords are fundamentally stark and the jasmine fits into the opening spaces.

Both the chypre and fougère formulas are recognizable once you’ve smelled a few of each. Adding a similar jasmine to each of these historic genres make Troisième Homme and Paloma seem like siblings.


(image Claude and Paloma Picasso)


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