Miller Harris Terre de Bois, 2000

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Image lifted from Hinoki Manaka.

Perfumer Lyn Harris

If you started an equilateral triangle with Chanel Pour Monsieur and Comme des Garcons Vettiveru, the third point would be Terre de Bois. It’s a scratchy, woody take on the eau de cologne. The blustery, citric-sage start is a bit misleading. Terre de Bois goes quiet very quickly, but can be sensed up close for hours. The name nails it though. There’s the feel of soil from the patchouli and the woody tone of the vetiver. The herbs enhance both, and the feel is specific; not leafy, not grassy, not mossy. Just dirt and trees.

TdB smells ‘natural’ in that all of its parts are recognizably botanical, but it has a very balanced use of its elements. Nothing vague or blurred.

At a glance, TdB is autumnal and handsome. I bet it’d be wonderful against type in a frilly-pretty springtime setting.

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