Miller Harris Fleurs de Bois, 2009

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(image of Joe Morello, source unknown)

Perfumer Lyn Harris

Truth in advertising. Flower, wood. The fun, though, is the way the notes are flipped.

Fleaurs de Bois starts with resinous, grassy, wet woods. Birch and rosemary give a sort of chilly feel. Galbanum and a fairly green lemon moisten things up. This resinous/citrusy opening number ushers in the myrrh by highlighting those particular aspects of myrrh. Soon the high, clear tone of the myrrh is tied to a similarly whispering but direct iris note. The chewy, woody start, something you would imagine as a basenote, is in fact the top note.

In the end, Fleurs de Bois is a cozy but not slouchy myrrh/rose with mild sillage and a slightly raspy tone of voice. Distinctive but not odd in the least.


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