Mauboussin pour Homme, 2003

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Perfumer Alberto Morillas

I want to like Mauboussin Homme more than I do. I want to fall for the pairing of lavender, whose very name literally speaks of its cleanliness, and patchouli, which on a certain level smells like fancy dirt. Clean/dirty. MMmmm. I might be placing my own expectation on MH, but it’s not unreasonable. MH places the patch and the lavender next to each other, then appears to stand back and lets them fend for themselves. The composition seems to lack intent. Also the lavender shouldn’t last as long as it does, and gives the drydown a growing feeling of artificiality.

Why an edt and and edp? For an overflowing of inspiration that couldn’t be contained in one bottle? Apparently not. Marketing strategy? Could be. Same juice, different concentration? If so, why?


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