Lonestar Memories, 2006

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(image, Mongomery Clift on the set of The Misfits)

Perfume Andy Tauer

I’ve seen Lonestar Memories compared to l’Air du Désert Marocain, and while they both play with smoke, Lonestar is far less comfortable. The smoke isn’t some lovely material burned for its fragrance, it’s the residue of a fire. Lonestar is categorized as a leather fragrance, but it lives beyond leather. Knize Ten and le Labo Patchouli 24 are mild in comparison. Lonestar has a more burnt quality—cold campfire with a bit of snubbed cigarette. The hard, smoky leather quality smells like tar or pitch, but not coal tar. It has that wonderful harshness of botanical tar, potent but not petrochemical.

It’s not a daily fragrance for me and if you’re looking for pretty, look elsewhere. But it is as attractive as all getout and it is a perfume of a place for me. L’Air du Désert may have the name, but Lonestar is my staple perfume in the southern California desert where I spend a lot of time. The topnotes are intense and feel like a confrontation. They are a test by fire and if you pass you find the center of the fragrance, where the scorched earth feel loosens. A dry/sweet rubbery scent suggests powder and make me notice the floral aspect, giving Lonestar a handsome severity that only a unsmiling, unsweetened floral can give.

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