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I don’t use room sprays, so when I smell them they seem a bit like ham-fisted perfumes. Calone 17 is a floral-aquatic home fragrance that screams “FLOWERS & WATER!” at you. Imagine an anonymous fruity floral at volume 20. Indolic notes and the like give a floral fragrance balls and keep sweetness and light from overrunning a composition. I suspect that in a room spray any compensatory darknesss would have to be loud as well, suggesting a battle of notes that might read as Febreeze sprayed on shit.

Le Labo’s solution is smart and entertaining, if you’re in on the joke. It’s not really even their solution, truth be told. It’s Etat Libre d’Orange’s. Le Labo have contributed the Juicy Fruit, fresh-water floral to Calone 17. The stagnant water note is straight out of ELDO’s Sécrétions Magnifiques, and fits perfectly.

The wonderful thing about this trick is not how the room spray smells, but that the trick works at all.

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