l’Artisan Parfumeur Bois Farine, 2003

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Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena

What to make of Bois Farine? It’s very much its own thing and it’s interesting in light of Ellena’s other work. It is an exercise in balancing luminosity and density using synthetic woody materials, a signatute of Ellena, but it doesn’t have an iota of the limpid prettiness of Ellena’s style for Hermès. Gourmand but savory, it rides the joilie-laide equation for all it’s  worth. It drives a herky-jerky line between starched and savory.

I wore it today to a Basic Life Support re-certification class today. As it turns out, we had to demonstrate more than explain today. About 2 minutes into my first round of chest compressions, at the sweat point, I started to smell as if I’d been hiding peanut butter sandwiches under my arms. It was a 3 hour class. I don’t think my classmates enjoyed the nouvelle-gourmanderie so much.

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