Lancome Sikkim (La Collection), 2005

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(image Ariana Le Glam from Pop Sugar)

Perfumer of 2005 version unknown

Sikkim reminds me of the expression, “to fly off the handle.” Sikkim’s escalation is so quick that it doesn’t even seem like progression, just the flip from something calm to something disturbed.

The first sniff sends you reeling. Sikkim is fast, rough and, I don’t know. I guess abundant. It’s everything at once. It’s a heavy, raspy green chypre, but it’s also a big spicy oriental with an almost medicinal vibe. I don’t know how faithful the La Collection release is to the original Sikkim (1971 by Robert Gonnon), but it falls into my functional genre of the Huge Fucking Perfume. Consider that two of Sikkim’s cohorts from the same year  were Clinique Aromatics Elixir and Chanel 19. Apparently not the year of the Shrinking Violet. Sikkim has the largesse of Aromatics Elixir and the aggression of No 19. The only recent perfume like is is Bogue Maai.

Built from so many drydown materials, this scent has remarkable endurance, but that quality lovely of  many stark chypres—it becomes a skin/body scent in the drydown.

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