Lancome Magie Noire, 1978

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Perfumer Gérard Goupy

From reading about the evolution of Magie Noire from 1978 until 2011, I think that it has always been a grab-bag of a perfume. Early versions sound like they emphasized different facets than this most recent one. It sounds like they used to bridge the dark floral chypre to the spicy oriental via some old-school animalics.

While I like it, I’d have to categorize the current version as a tight-assed woody floral. Not a lot of amber, not a lot of moss. But you know, some days a tight-assed floral is just the right thing. And as others have noted and per my own equation that men’s fragrance = (women’s fragrance – the interesting parts ) x 0.75, Magie Noire is an ideal men’s fragrance.


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