Lalique Flora Bella, 2005

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(image Floralis Genérica)

Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour

On balance, I would view Flora Bella neutrally. But thank god perfume-wearing places balance far down the line, next to moderation and practicality. Wearing perfume has more to do with pleasure, bias and desire.

I both like Flora Bella and can’t stand it. The drydown of a light dose is a metallic, Forbidden Planet flower from the tropics of planet Altair. Enticingly alien in a 1950s, sci-fi modernist sort of way. More metal and form than flower. The downside is that every moment until the drydown is tinged with cheap pina colada mix and an air-freshener style caricature of a pan-tropical floral note. Smother that in fabric softener and you have of Flora Bella.

In the end, I go the way of Dr. Morbius, and balance and patience lose the struggle with the unbridled Id.  The drydown isn’t worth the 10 hours’ wait that precedes it.


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