Lady Gaga Fame, 2012

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Perfumers Richard Herpin, Honorine Blanc, Nathalie Lorson

Thank god perfume has the capacity to reveal truths that current mass media cannot. If you were to believe the visual imagery, the music, the PR, you’d assume that Justin Bieber was the tween idol and Gaga was the Edgy Artist who Will Not be Restrained©. But Bieber’s perfume, with its stagnant topnotes become a koolaid made with non-potable water and has at least some edge.

Gaga’s scentscape of the mall shows that she’s the true tween queen. Fame is a cloying, simple fruit soup. It rides a tight line between 1) yet another faceless vapid floriberry, and, 2) worse.

Born this way? Reductionist, but that’s where the pendulum has swung and I get it.

Smell this way? Good lord, no.


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