Knize Ten, 1925

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Perfumers François Coty and Vincent Roubert

As a homo, I don’t really go in for the classic masculine thing. It’s just not queer enough. I’m more of a ‘cafeteria’ male. Whether I measure up or not, I’ll take what I like from masculinity and leave the rest. Femininity as well, for that matter. Gentlemanly, yes. Boorish, no. Sports, no, but also Broadway musicals, no.  It gets confusing, yes?

But Knize Ten is pretty and strapping in equal measure. If this is what it is to be a man, sign me up.

I’ve finally found a socially acknowledged manly fragrance that I’ll buy into without reservation. (Well, current masculinity is bound to look a bit like dandy-drag on me, but at least it’s not such bad theater as the whole-hog Ralph Lauren anglo-psychodrama.)

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