Kinski by Kinski, 2011

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(image source 【面白画像】 動物おもしろ画像 総合 【ネタ画像)

Perfumer Geza Schoen

Apparently every now and then I need a reminder of how foolish I can be. My most recent was buying Kinski.

I’ve always liked Comme de Garçons 2 Man. It’s an inventive take on incense and one of Mark Buxton’s seminal perfumes. I also love Parfumerie Générale Cozé: hash brownies, who could say no? Kinski reads as derivative, having stolen the framework of CdG Man 2 as well as Cozé’s space cake note. What Kinski brings to the table is a note of what I’ll call drunk-sick.

The experience of wearing Kinski is like that of having had an enormous hash brownie washed down with a large glass of cheap rum. I ride the headnotes like bed-spins, surfing the undulating queasiness.

To be honest, despite casting aspersions I can’t rightly say that Kinski is bad. It’s just not my cup of tea. And after having made the egregious decision to purchase it when I find it sick making, I can hardly point fingers. But thank goodness for the spice of life and all. A fumie friend now has it and is putting it to far better use than my bed spins and dry heaves.

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