Jean Patou Sira des Indes, 2006

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(image Flower Man by Ken Herrmann)

Perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez

I bought Sira des Indes years ago and gave it away. I didn’t dislike it, I just couldn’t find a place for it. It’s a bit of a grab bag in terms of genre. It lands somewhere between neither/nor and all-of-the-above. The bright side is that Sira des Indes doesn’t have to follow the expectations of genre. It’s breezy and tropical. It’s spiced cream. It’s quite sultry, and despite not fitting our genre expectations, it is very specific and isn’t likely to be mistaken for anything else.

I’ve never worn it in a hot, humid environment, but I imagine it might seem a bit mushy. This is a perfume that plays with tropical elements. In a truly tropical environment, it might read as phony. Still, try it sometime when you know you’re going to sweat. The creaminess falls away, and the florals read like shimmering heat.

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