digging (into) vintage: Jean-Louis Scherrer by Jean-Louis Scherrer, 1979

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(Image Anne Bancroft in The Graduate)

Perfumer Josette Ramisse

Some very strong scents suggest wearing with restraint if not caution. Not Scherrer. This is the kind of heavy, bruiser of a green chypre that I just want to drench myself in. It is powerful and unashamed and urges me be likewise.

The drydown is earthy and leathery, an amplified version of the final act of green chypres like  YSL Y, Niki de St. Phalle and Dioressence. So much so that after I’ve worn it I tend to remember Scherrer as almost pure oakmoss. But then I put it on again and the chorus of aldehydes, dry flowers and spicy galbanum sing.

Scherrer is that uncommon, but thrilling reminder that seduction doesn’t always take place sotto voce, or catch you against your better judgement. Scherrer calls to you with full-throated come-ons and wants you to feel the enticement. Scherrer is more pick-up than courtship, more tryst than date.


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