digging (into) vintage: Jacomo Silences, 1978

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Perfumers Gérard Goupy and Jean-Claude Niel.

All rivers flow to the sea.  All roads lead to Rome.

\lim_{n\to\infty}X_n(\omega)=X(\omega), \, \, \forall \omega \in \Omega.

OK, cheap euphemisms are easier to swallow than a Theorem of Sure Convergence. Jacomo give us a new perfume theorem: all green notes converge in Silences.

Galbanum, narcissus, hyacinth, lily of the valley, oak moss, vetiver…  At various points in its evolution, Silences is cool, dewy, radiant, fresh, grassy, dark. It follows the traditions of both green florals (Vent VertNo 19) and green chypres (Bandit, Ma GriffeMiss Dior, YSL Y). It differs from its predecessors, though, by avoiding the poles of leather and powder. It stays green to the end with a peppery, resinous base that makes vetiver smell like flowers.

There’s nothing slack about Silences. It demonstrates the difference between cool and cold. It is precise and to the point at all times, yet skirts the ice-queeniness of so many green florals and chypres.

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