Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur, 2006

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cuir pleine fleur

(image, beavar.com)

Pefumer James Heeley.

Cuir Pleine Fleur is a dry floral-leather. The high-pitched hiss of a violet leaf note combines with birch, suggesting fresh cut wood more than smokey birch tar. Cuir Pleine Fleur can be seen as both a woody-floral and a floral-leather, having the formality of the former and the austere luxury of the latter. It is in the same vein as Lancome Cuir, but less sweet, less syrupy. ‘Brisk’ scents often start with a refreshing tone that fades after the topnotes. Cool in every sense of the word, Cuir Pleine Fleur stays wonderfully crisp even without the usual citric, lavender or aromatic notes perfumers rely on for a bracing topnote.

Have you ever rolled around in a pile of autumn leaves in New England? It is a synesthetic mix of the scent, the blanketing sound, the sharp feel of the crispy leaves, the remnants of the red and yellow colors in the drying leaves. I can easily bring the image to mind though it’s been 30-odd years since I last felt it. Cuir Pleine Fleur is a slice of that New England Fall.


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