digging (into) vintage: Halston by Halston, 1975

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(image from “Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston”)

Perfumer Bernard Chant (?)

The chypre genre is not only broad but forgiving. The modern Halton by Halston’s calibration is a bit off, and its structure defaults to blend and harmony rather than highlighting the distinctive elements that make a chypre wear so well.

The twin devils of reformulation and a cheapo license holder (Elizabeth Arden) should be the kiss of death, but Halston just barely survives. It reads as a bit blurred, but if you’re not looking for a challenge, it is also a nice simple grassy chypre. Halton by Halston is attributed to perfumer Bernard Chant, which tells you that it wasn’t always the vague chypre of the current model.

Not sold? Consider Halston’s men’s chypres Z-14 or 1-12.


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