digging (into) vintage: Guerlain Mitsouko, 1919

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(image, Françoise Hardy 2013. Source telestar)

Perfumer Jacques Guerlain.

Mitsouko’s most charming quality is that it suggests an aging face. Remember back in the day when people aged visibly? Qualities like patience, endurance, maybe even wisdom suggested that there was a reward to having come out the other side of youth and middle-age. Of having gained something. There is something deserving, and in the best cases, generous to be found in an old face. Something implicitly handsome and attractive.

Perhaps for worse, but I hope for the better, I’m aging. Mitsouko suits me more as time passes. I imagine there’s the lucky young person who can wear Mitsouko with aplomb, but I hope that wearing Mitsouko with that powerful grace of age is one of the better things in life down the road for me.


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