Guerlain l’Instant pour Homme, 2004

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(image, Country Living)

Perfumer Beatrice Piquet

l’Instant pour Homme feels pulled in a few too many directions for me. It’s a fresh, oriental, woody, gourmand, green citrus. It seems built to try to please everyone just a bit. It’s warm and it’s cool. It’s dry and it’s sweet. It seems like it’s intended to be discrete, but with its finger in so many pies just seems non-committal to me.

l’Instant’s mix of mild gourmand elements on top of woods, citrus and the rest of the kitchen sink is the equivalent to my nose of ‘a bad taste in my mouth.’ I bought a bottle of l’Instant when it was first released and tried hard to like it, but it never took. I tried it again a dozen years later and I still found it a whole lot of everything but now it seemed dated also.

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