Gucci Eau de Parfum, 2002

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Perfumer Daniela Andrier

I don’t think this perfume is made any longer, but I have a pile of carded samples that I bought years ago for $0.25 apiece at some old perfume shop. I always liked it in that dirty pleasure sort of way, relishing the thrill of enjoying a cheap perfume.

Trying this perfume again after a few years I realize my mistake. I found these samples at some mistakenly low-price and the made amateurish mistakes of equating cheap with Cheap. This is a beautiful, simple floriental, one that eschews the genre’s typical diva-ish complexity in favor of simple, well-chosen broad strokes. It’s laid out like paint-by-numbers canvas that only has the colors orange flower, cumin and amber filled in. The artist stepped back, realized less might be more and left if in its simple state of beauty.  Perhaps more mainstream perfumers should try this pre-editing, because Gucci EDP smell a little rough at the edges and just right.

This simple structure makes a tightly knit perfume that remains coherent through drydown. Smelling it years later, it seems like a fragrance that could be released today as a masculine woody floral.

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