Functional Perfume Genres, part 3

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7)  Slippers and a Pipe

When I get home from work I love to douse myself in perfume.  I’ll be showering straight away, so it’s about topnotes and pizzazz.  I’ve been sniffing shit, blood and piss all day.  This is my chance to rewrite the story entirely.

Estée Lauder Azurée

Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel

Bogue Maai

Caron Troisième Homme

l’Artisan Parfumeur l’Eau du Navigateur

Lolita Lempicke

Parfumerie Générale Psychotrope

Gianni Versace Blonde



8)  Sleep Tight

Sleep as a commodity is something I wish I had more of.  I revere sleep.  I dream large and since dreams and perfume are about states of being more than stories to be told, they occupy similar places in my life.  Perfuming just as I’m going to sleep rushes me into dreaming and is the touching off point from control to something else.  If these perfumes read as similar, yes they are.  I love big, sweeping amber-resinous-incensy perfumes at bedtime.  They feel particularly appropriate.

Guerlain l’Heure Bleue

Vero Profumo Onda

Miller Harris l’Air de Rien

Annick Goutal Sables

Histoire de Parfums 1740

Tauer Perfumes une Rose Chyprée

ELDO Vraie Blonde

Knize Two

by Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses




9) Trees Amongst the Forest

Here’s a strategy I use when going to an event, typically a performance.  No doubt you’ve heard ‘go easy’ on the cologne if you’re going to be at close quarters in public.  I’ll amend that a bit and say try wearing something non-annoying, whether light or not.  I’m not looking for a fight by wearing perfume, but I also disagree with the notion of febreezing, depilating, and zip-locking ourselves in order to come in contact with each other.  I wear perfume and it won’t kill you.   My contribution is to wear something that is interesting or engaging if you care to give it some thought.  If not, no harm.

A moderate dose of these perfumes gives an ambient, soft approach.  You may never know exactly who is wearing it.  It just catches your attention and your fancy.

Bvlgari Black

Serge Lutens un Bois Vanille

Rochas Tocade

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Anisia Bella

Hermès Equipage

Parfumerie Générale Iris Oriental

Parfum de Nicolai Baladin

Maitre Parfumeur Iris Bleu Gris


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