Creed Virgin Island Water, 2007

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Perfumers Erwin Creed and Olivier Creed

Virgin Island Water shouts “Tropical!” It doesn’t smell so much like the Carribean as it does the stereotype of a Brit on holiday in the Caribbean. It doesn’t smell like coconuts and warm weather flowers. It smells like mojitos, piña coladas and suntan lotion (that’s the anscestor of sunblock to you kids.) I smell VIW and the image appears: pasty skin turning red and the oddly conceived shorts, socks and shoes combinations.

One risk of the piña colada flavor is that it can evoke the scent of fabric softener. Where Mugler’s Angel might be able to pull off the edible/poisonous contradiction, VIW can’t. But then again, I don’t like piña coladas. The irony (well, one irony) of this perfume is that the cloying aspects would be magnified if worn in a hot, humid location, the Virgin Islands for instance.

(image source unknown)

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