Creed Original Vetiver, 2004

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Perfumers Erwin Creed and Olivier Creed

Which word in the name of this fragrance is further from the truth? Original? Actually Original Vetiver (2004) is a soapy, citrus-woody fragrance in the vein of just about every designer men’s fragrance with the words “fresh” or “sport” in the name from the era. Vetiver? Not as far as I can smell.

Original Vetiver includes that whistle-like note from Mugler’s Cologne, but instead of metallic like the Mugler, it’s sour. I think it’s meant to read as clean in a 21st century masculine manner, but the soapy, fragrance-masking quality isn’t quit able to cover its own sour-sweaty smell and winds up a bit vinegary, stale.


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