Creed Love in White, 2005

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Perfumers Erwin Creed and Olivier Creed

I had to try Love in White at some point. Given the Turin reviews in The Guide, I couldn’t resist. The review gives Love in White the George Bush style benefit of low expectations. I was half expecting the devil in a bottle. Balance the low expectations from The Guide with the stratospheric expectations set by the Creed press mythology (A 5 year world-wide yachting expedition in search of exotic ingredients…) and Love in White could only wind up a head-scratcher. Turns out it’s a bit of a tempest in a teapot actually.

Floral blend, sweet synthetic woods. Loud, but otherwise not particularly remarkable for either its heights or its horrors. There’s something about a sweet yet acrid linear floral, though, that suggests personal product scenting. Shampoo or conditioner or the like. Love in White seems designed along the lines of a hygienic or grooming product.

Love in White wins by driving down the middle of the road and avoiding both high and low expectations.


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