Creed Irisia, 1968

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(image source, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie)

Perfumer James Henry Creed

Irisia is a lovely classic, earthy chypre. I could liken it to many other chypres of its time (1968), and as I am a fan of the genre and era it would be a compliment, but let’s just consider it on its own.

Classic bitter green opening. Not particularly floral, not powdery. It really moves in a small range of grassy, woody, earthy and leather tones. It focuses smartly and without distraction on the bergamot, oakmoss and amber triad that makes a chypre a chypre.

Irisia doesn’t stray off course and remains focused on fine-tuning rather than frill. It demonstrates smooth, classical progression over time and captures the unfolding of tones that defines the chypre.


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